Luxury Villa Design in The Netherlands Connects You with Nature ...

It’s not so bad, being on display – especially when your house looks like this luxury villa and the only audience watching you is the trees of the peaceful, natural surroundings. Villa Berkel is an amazing modern design by Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter, enclosed in vast glass walls and evoking a simplicity that’s calming, yet contemporary. Located in the forest of Veenendaal, The Netherlands, this nature inspired architecture blends indoors and outdoors; private and public. In order to maintain a distinctive divide, the architect partitioned the property into three – the southern strip is occupied by the garden, the middle strip by the villa, and the northern strip provides access to the house. This same design approach was taken to organize this home’s luxury interior. “To ensure openness and seclusion at the same time, the floor plan of the villa was ‘split.’ The street side contains the more ‘public’ functions: the entrance, study, kitchen and living room; whilst the other side is reserved for the more intimate activities: a corridor functioning as a TV lounge, the bedrooms and a bathroom,” according to the architect. The villa is surrounded by an outdoor deck, where owners can be seen indulging in a dip in the luxury sunken hot tub. The bathroom is probably one of the home’s coolest features, overlooking an outdoor water feature and giving the occupants a feeling of being outdoors, while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of being indoors. Paul de Ruiter
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Posted on April 6, 2009 11:59 PM in Custom Houses


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