Bridge House Design - a bridge over a ravine

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Created by architect Stanley Saitowitz of San Francisco, California-based Natoma Architects, Inc., this bridge house design in Marin, California is as gorgeous as it is unusual. This modern house, set on a 15-acre wooded property, stretches 22 ft. across a grassy ravine. Above the dip, this raised bridge house plan spans two storeys, but the home’s strong horizontal presence is most prevalent, highlighted by wide, solid panels and a glass wall enclosing the upper floor. To accommodate practical living and privacy, the architect reversed the conventional floor plan by putting the main living areas on the top floor along with expansive windows, while positioning the private areas and bedrooms on the lower floor. Two open courts on the upper level – one acting as the entrance way and the other leading to the pool – connect this contemporary house design to nature. Paths lead out from the courtyards onto the hillside. Natoma Architects, Inc.
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Posted on August 18, 2009 10:25 PM
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