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TV Wall Unit from Gruber Schlager- the Cubiko Wall Unit


Despite the technology, design and detail found in luxury high-end televisions, they often lack the subtly and glamour of other household furnishings. The Cubiko TV Wall Unit combines both these needs into a single unit, which features brilliant high-gloss cabinet doors framing dark wooden drawers. Concealed behind this glamorous exterior, the Cubiko Wall Unit features a remote controlled unit which raises and lowers the television from view. Available in a range of woods and enamels, the Cubiko can be designed to suit any interior style. A fantastic TV wall unit that provides a clean clear view of your television, while preserving the beauty of your modern interiors the Gruber Schlager Cubiko Wall Unit seamlessly blends technology and glamour.


Posted in Furniture on October 12, 2007 12:01 PM

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