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Textured Lighting Fixtures by Suzusan-Shibori


Minimalist, but a million miles from boring, we love these textured lighting fixtures by Suzusan-Shibori. Offsetting their simple white palette, vibrant textures transform these lamps into a visual and tactile playground. Their exciting textures come from a most-unusual choice of material in lighting design - 100% polyester, which is formed into their desired shapes. This modern collection of floor, table and pendant lamps designed by Hiroyuki Murase come in a range of sizes, shapes and patterns that look fab when combined in a varied array. Suspend a group of the ceiling fixtures above the sitting area or dining table as an overhead focal point, or arrange the floor lamps to create an illuminated display in your home. Check out these chic, contemporary lamps by visiting Suzusan-Shibori.