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Spectacular Lime Green Chandeliers by Masiero: Ottocento Collection


Wow. This chandelier is really green. But it's spectacular, isn't it? Imagine this in a modern home. Seriously - it could work - the color is totally today and the contrast would be amazing. You really need a high ceiling, though! You can choose from 49 or 56 lights - and that's a lot of illumination. Part of the Ottocento Collection from Masiero - yes, they are Italian, can't you tell? - these suspended works of light pop-art just drip in adornment. But it works, and we can really see this in a stark white loft or modern condo. It would be the focus of the room, no doubt, but the starkness of the white becomes a second focal point - and they don't compete. Art, lighting, design - it's a triple play. In lime green.