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Leather Sofa with Adjustable Back Rests and Movable Footrests by Cor – Briol


The Briol sofa by Cor takes a traditional sofa style and materials, and gives it a modern twist. The oversized and stuffed sofa by designers Alfred Kleene and Gabriele Assmann is so comfortable, but boasts a contemporary aesthetic that will look great in the modern home. The wide, low-profile cushions and armrests have a clean look that’s still inviting for a movie marathon at home. Adding to that ever-important comfort factor, the back rests (which are two separate parts) can be reclined to accommodate napping. These movable cushions offer the ultimate in laid-back luxury. Placed at your feet they make fab footrests, or fold them under the armrests when not in use to return to that clean, uncluttered look. The leather upholstery is a sophisticated finishing touch. More info is available by visiting Cor.