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Dutch Design Chair Made from Durable Cardboard


What a funky chair and/or stool this is - made from durable cardboard. Yes, cardboard! Can you imagine? And don't be shy about sitting in it, it has a weight capacity of 200 kg! Can you imagine this chair (or a group of them) in a loft with wide plank reclaimed floors? You couldn't look much more natural than that. Or just keep it in the corner til you need an extra chair - the size makes it extremely manageable to have several on hand as back ups. But why hide them? They've got such unique designs! Made in the Netherlands, they weigh less than a kilogram, so are super easy to move around. This offering from Dutch Designs is such a winner, the New York Times called it "a standout creation". And we agree!


The tree trunk design is so natural!


Your kids can study geography from this chair!


Use it as an occasional table.


Use it as a footstool or a night stand.


Use it as a chair!

More information: Dutch Design Brand

Posted in Furniture on November 21, 2013 6:32 AM

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