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Contemporary Table from 50,000 Year-Old Kauri Wood


This contemporary table is made from ancient Kauri wood - 50,000 years old! Can you imagine? From the northern island of New Zealand, 2,000 year old trees were felled during a natural disaster and spent the next 48,000 years submerged in swamps. (The C-14 carbon dating method which was used to identify these trees has been widely accepted by scientists and botanists.) These trees (some of the logs are huge, weighing over 100 tons!) are now the oldest wood in the world. And you can eat your dinner at this table - in the most modern of styles. Created by Zieta & Holzano, the legs are made from steel and inflated under pressure. The whole look is so sleek - it would be a fantastic desk or dining table (or work table of any kind). The tabletop is one single slab of Kauri wood - one piece - just think of that. What an incredible piece of furniture - and archeology - rolled into one.


A single slab of wood is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen.


Each piece of Kauri wood is natural - and one of a kind.


The grain of this unique wood shifts from brown to gold.


Make no mistake, this is hard wood: the average tabletop weighs 175 lbs.


No question: This ancient wood has soul.


More information: Holzano

Posted in Furniture on March 31, 2014 4:01 PM

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