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Cool Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton


We were instantly "hooked" by these cool wall hooks by Thelermont Hupton. Each featuring a different hand gesture, this line of hand-shaped hooks says "thumbs up," "hello," with a wave, "shake," "okay," "up yours," point, "peace" and "rock on," all without saying a word! The hooks come in a range of hot hues including black, pink, orange, red or white, cast in composite materials with luscious lacquered finish. Mounted to your walls, these cool hand hooks are a fab functional element and they also make a great artistic addition to a plain wall. Retail price is £90.


If the hand gestures don't get your message across, throw some kitchen utensils across the room - or just try these utensil-shaped hooks that resemble a saucepan, knife and rolling pin, stuck in the wall in the heat of the moment! Choose from red, black or white. The Saucepan hook retails for £25, the Knife hook is £22 and the Rolling Pin hook is £22.


Additional information is available by visiting Thelermont Hupton.