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Contemporary Room Dividers - Lightfacet divider by Bloomming

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Lightfacet Contemporary Room Dividers by Bloomming

These smart, contemporary room dividers are the Lightfacet dividers from Bloomming. The geometrical diamond shapes interlock, yet can rotate separately. The resulting pattern of the divider produces an intriguing effect, playing with light and shadow in the room. In today’s contemporary homes room dividers are an ideal way to break up an open space with an artistic accent. They also retain the natural light of the home, whilst offering an element of privacy. Lightfacet is simple to add to your home – it’s available in any size or shape due to the modular construction. Dutch designed, the Lightfacet room divider is available in stores. Contact Bloomming to make it yours.
Photo credits: Bart Roos

Another creative way to divide your room is with an indoor waterfall






Posted in Architectural Elements on July 3, 2009 2:25 PM

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  • Views: 2353
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I would like to know if this product is available in Montreal Canada.
Thank you

Merci de me faire parvenir une dosumentation avec les prix et les lieux de distribution pour les professionels.
S Desbuquois

Cecy, we do not sell room dividers. You need to contact - they make them.

I want to know where I can buy and how much are you dividers

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