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Cool Coffee Tables with Movable Table Tops and Adjustable Height, by Schulte Design


Schulte Design offers four new cool coffee tables with movable table tops and / or adjustable height that’s ideal for compact homes and a modern lifestyle. When space is at a premium (which appears to be the case in today’s ever-smaller homes) multi-functional furniture is essential. These tables make a great addition to your existing collections, bringing versatility and contemporary style to your home. Set on a single leg in place of the traditional four, the tabletops move to meet your needs. The Scala, Oregon and Audium tables can be ordered with movable table tops that shift from side to side, while the Scala Quadrat features a shifting table top that is also height-adjustable! These wooden coffee tables feature a natural grain that gives them a down-to-earth aesthetic without compromising their modern style. Check them out at Schulte Design.