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Unusual Carpet by Tarkett

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Prepare to be astounded by this unusual carpet idea called Karpett using Tarkett flooring. Thought up by the creative minds at 5.5 Designers for a flooring exhibition, this carpet is essentially a large roll of Tarkett flooring that can be used as a bench or unravelled and transformed into a seating / lounging area. The designers have called it "a comfort dispenser". It allows for flexible solutions for usual living activities. A place for children to play, a place for you or your guests to rest or nap, a place to lounge while having a long phone conversation, or for an impromptu picnic in your living room - this unusual carpet understands that living is improvised. Read more from 5.5 Designers or visit Tarkett.






Posted in Rugs Carpets on November 10, 2011 11:10 PM

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  • Views: 78
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