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Villa in Greece Combines Old World Charm with Modern Minimalism

In an introverted and quiet village called Santorini, the Villa Anemolia is a pre-existing residence that has been reinvented into a hotel. Embedded into the volcanic soil, the hotel is comprised of 3 traditional and original vaulted rooms that are closed off of the street and only have windows that open to the inner courtyard. The courtyard has been upgraded with new landscaping and a large spa to create a welcoming outdoor ambiance for the visitors to enjoy.

Extremely private, the courtyard offers a quiet place to unwind at the end of the day.
With both a street access via a steep flight of stairs, and access from the lounge area of the Villa, the space, while private, is also social.
The views over top of the walls offer a glimpse of old world charm that can be enjoyed while enjoying a meal at the outdoor table, or from the jetted pool.
There is also a built in sitting area complete with a row of comfy cushions and as the evening approaches, lanterns are carefully arranged in numerous locations to keep the space lit with a soft and flickering glow.
villa-greece-combines-old-world-charm-modern-minimalism-6- courtyard.jpg
During the day, when the sun is at its strongest, a canopy shields both the pool and the bench.

Inside the Villa, the lounge is located in the first vaulted room. Here, as the sun goes down, lanterns continue the soft glow of light. Bench seating flanks both sides of the room and a flat screen TV is located in a wall niche.
Niches in the wall hold additional lighting, as does an under mount strip below the bench on the TV wall. A skylight in the ceiling lets the sun shine in during the day.

The lights below the bench create an interesting glow during the day and the wall niches create a reverse shadow effect, as though the skylight is casting a dappled sunlit pattern on the wall.
The decor is kept to the basics with the shapes of the built-ins creating the visual interest. The wrap around bench seat / table surface is a stunning example of minimalist design and the choice to eliminate all color except for pale wood tones white and pale grey offer a simplicity that is both peaceful and restful. The sun-dappled pattern created by the wall niche’s adds in the fluidity while the curvature to the vault softens the overall look of the room.
The bedrooms continue the simplicity of design. Here, the 2nd of the vaulted ceilings and additional wall niches continue the feel of rhythm and harmony while the platform bed and couch repeat the concept of built-ins used in the lounge, only here they are wrapped in the same material as the floor and therefore meld into their surrounding.

On the other side of the room is a small desk area and three windows that face into the courtyard. The soft blue frames on the windows are repeated in the lantern beside the couch and the flowers in the tall floor vase create the only other addition of colour.
This bedroom is a study of serenity and with the jetted pool just beyond the door what more could you ask for while on vacation.
Even the bathroom is a place of calm. The large vanity located in its own curved niche, with a wall mounted faucet spilling forth into the vessel sink is reminiscent of an outdoor fountain and the addition of two small plantings on the counter and a weathered stick on the shelf below continue the fountain feel. The mirror has light strips built into its glass as well as around its sides for a surrealistic glow that adds a mystical touch.
Another bedroom has a skylight above the bed, and in this room wood is once again used as a design feature on both the mattress platform and the bedside tables.
This bedroom has a small curved wall niche beside the bed for storing personal items.
The second bathroom is not as dynamic as the first, preferring to keep more to the theme of simplicity. The added design feature of sitting the vessel sink on a slight angle and tapering the sides of the counter are all that’s needed to create a space that is minimal yet intriguing.
The kitchen space is small but functional. Oven, cooktop, sink and fridge are all contained within a small 8’x11′ space, yet there is still enough room to add in a microwave and a coffee maker. The space is kept bright with the use of under cabinet lighting.
The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and courtyard are all designed to create a place for guests to unwind, relax, and recharge.
And if that’s not enough, there is always the roof deck with spectacular views of the surrounding village.


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