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Trendy Interior Makes a Hot Spot for Entertaining

There’s something about this trendy interior that is thoroughly nightclub-esque. Maybe it’s the sophisticated finishes or the plush low-rider couches. Maybe it’s the decked-out bar, or the bathroom urinal. Either way, this interior by designer Robert Kolenik is worth lining up for. Luckily, you can get the grand tour without ever leaving your seat! A contemporary style fireplace sits center stage, open on all sides for enjoyment from any angle. The glossy wood-topped dining table reflects light shining from the unusual branch chandelier overhead. This open-concept space is perfect for entertaining in the connected kitchen, dining and living space. The living area features a second fireplace that’s flanked by a pair of sofas and faced by two armchairs, enclosing this intimate conversation area in a cozy formation within the larger open-concept layout.

Did somebody say loungin’? We love the low-rider sofas, overloaded with pillows in a “more is more” approach that invites kicking back by the fire. The fireplace features a modern style chimney atop a weathered wood base.
The kitchen lets the host cook and entertain all at once. Who doesn’t enjoy a roaring fire while whipping up a feast? The small scale of the kitchen in relation to the large entertaining spaces hints that perhaps, the client is more about the party than the prep?
But those who play hard, work hard. Is that how the saying goes? Welcome to the home office, which is all business with organized storage areas, work surfaces and great lighting.
This sexy bathroom further solidifies the home’s more is more philosophy, with small-scale tiles in fifty shades… A fluid, sculptural bathtub shares a glass wall with the shower on the other side. A wall-mounted toilet is sleek and sophisticated. Carpet underfoot, while not exactly practical, is certainly a sumptuous touch underfoot.
This bar rivals most nightclubs, complete with an amazing illuminated marble bar that is worthy of a toast. The textured wall at the back is an understated showpiece.
Dive in!
Now, here’s one of those “nightclub” features that gives the home its luxury, custom-designed appeal – a bathroom complete with separate his and her stalls!
For more information, visit Kolenik.


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