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Towel Radiator from Zehnder – new Planus warmer

With the new Planus towel radiator from Zehnder being so sleek and stylish, warm, dry towels are no longer a just a dream. This towel radiator seeks not to dominant your decor, but rather to add efficacy that would complement any contemporary style. Smooth stainless steel surfaced, with minimalist detailing, this radiator can be used next to the sink in favour of a towel rod. Or, in an interesting twist, the towel radiator could be placed between the sink and toilet as a space divider. The benefits are clear: cozy towels and a welcoming atmosphere. Planus is also economical, as an integrated timer means that energy is not wasted. Bring the warmth of the new Planus Towel Radiator from Zehnder to your bathroom this winter.



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