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Tiny Trailer-Mounted Eco-Friendly Traveling Home


Built by a young couple from Iowa wishing for “less house, more life”, this traveling dwelling is meant as a fully-functioning residence that can be picked up and moved with ease on a whim. Constructed entirely on top of a trailer platform, the whole house can be transported from campsite to campsite and hooked up to typical RV park utilities. Made mostly from wood, the little abode has four rooms: a large living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The living room takes up half the space in the entire house, standing a story and a half tall with direct access to the loft which contains the bedroom. Different types of wood and creative storage solutions are used all over, making for a comfortable yet practical interior. Its two residents and their dog traveled all the way to California in their project, proving its usefulness as a real home.


The entire home is mounted on a conventional trailer frame, and is legal to tow down the road to any destination its owners intend. The structure’s only links to the ground are an electrical cord and a water hookup, both of which are easily removed for travel.


One side of the dwelling, intended to face towards neighbors and opposite the scenic views captured on the other side, has fewer windows (and no windows at all next to the bedroom loft). This ensures a certain amount of privacy for the residents even while staying at an RV park or campsite.


A detailed, storage-packed interior greets anyone who enters the diminutive house, with window frames, shelving, and some walls made from different wood varieties. This wood on the inside helps to connect the home to its natural surroundings.


The ceilings are actually quite tall, with a sloping rooftop creating an extra half-story loft above the kitchen and bathroom for the master bedroom. Four windows on the edge of the main living area bring in tons of natural light.


Unlike many traveling houses, this one is fully functional as a full-time residence. The single electrical hookup powers everything inside, and a gas canister mounted at the rear allows for a fully-functional stove as well.


Little storage spaces are stacked in every corner and along every wall of the trailer, with the highest concentration of shelves located in the kitchen. A mini-fridge under the kitchen sink provides a haven for cold food, adding even more long-term usability to the residence.


The wardrobe is a little tight in the bedroom, but some creative folding helps to pack plenty of clothes into the space. A long, thin window on the room’s tall edge gives an unobstructed view of wherever the home happens to go.


The Tiny Project


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