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Timber Slope House Lined With Glass Walls and Terraces

This 2013 house design by Slovenian architects Multiplan Arhitekti takes family living to cool new heights – literally! This sleek hillside home sits high above Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana, 700 meters above sea level. The lush valley views that are simply spectacular, stretching as far as the eye can see and visible through glass walls and terraces. The wood house features an earthy exterior topped by a crisp white roof – a small taste of what’s inside. The white, minimalist interiors are a sharp contrast to the natural vistas, which are equally enjoyed from inside through floor to ceiling glass walls, and from its continuous slope-side terrace.

Interiors, though contemporary, also have an earthy edge. The lush natural views and the warm wood details warm up this cool interior palette.
At the center of these open concept interiors, a dining table is topped by a row of modern white pendant lights – sleek sculptural art suspended overhead.
The wall-less layout allows for ever-present vistas of nature and this fabulous fireplace feature. This modern central element boasts a stove and storage for wood, dividing the dining area from the living room. Meanwhile, an irregular line of windows separating interiors from the terrace lends a new dimension to the room.
A delicate, white window shape is perforated in a foliage-inspired design. The interior wood floor spills out into the outdoor deck.
Beyond the windows, the breathtaking views vie for your attention.
The house doesn’t just sit on the hill, it’s carved into it – you really get a sense of its connection to the land when you look past the side windows and find yourself face to face with the steep hillside, the trees, and nature at its best.
Even the bedrooms boast dreamy scenery – pun intended!
While you can get a taste of nature from indoors, the outdoor entertaining areas deliver the best dose. With the home’s slope side positioning among the trees, you feel like you’re floating among the treetops. The wood floor – continuing from interiors – and the simple, open enclosure maintain that alfresco feel.
Not only do the home’s glass walls deliver incredible views out, but also in! Here’s a sneak peek at the warm, glowing interiors against the cool dusk of outdoors.
The home’s timber facade is harmonious with its surroundings – woody and natural, but executed in a highly refined way. Stunning!
And perhaps the best seat in the house isn’t inside the house at all! Imagine sitting on this outdoor swing while taking in this view…
Multiplan Arhitekti


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