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Decorative Light Switch from Berker – Swarovski Crystal switch

It could seem rather decadent to use a Swarovski Crystal as a light switch (available at Berker), but it surely is a covetable piece to own. No wonder it is the winner of the “Design Plus Award 2008”. This decorative light switch would shine beautifully on the wall, while keeping its original function intact. What stands behind the polished crystal shell is a complex optical detection system to make it work properly. Also, the Swarovski switch can be put to good use not only to turn on and off the light, but to manipulate other household items too. It’s extremely interesting to see how highly utilized objects can be added a touch of glamour we never thought possible. In these terms, thinking about it as a new, decorative jewelery for the wall, is a tempting idea. This switch is produced and customised by Berker.



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