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Sustainable Architecture Firm finds inspiration in … sustainability

Sustainable architecture is the future of home design. This California house designed by a sustainable architecture firm, John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects, encapsulates cool, contemporary living in its modern design with attention equally doles out to aesthetics and environmental sustainability. In fact, according to the firm, this eco friendly home “suggests that attentiveness to sustainability can inspire and elicit beauty where it might not be otherwise.” This 3,900-sq.-ft. Santa Monica-area eco house design boasts a simple, modern white facade punctuated by plenty of windows covered by natural-finish wood windows shades, outdoor terraces, and a serene garden and koi pond overlooked by the glass-enclosed main floor. Because the architects were so keen on green, this sustainable house incorporates recycled and sustainably harvested materials, and both passive and active eco technologies. The home’s idyllic site is much more than a pretty spot – it allows for the sun and ocean breezes to naturally warm and cool the house, which is facilitated by the open concept house plan. The pond also serves to cool warm air before it enters the house through the floor-to-ceiling windows. A concrete floor absorbs and stores the sun’s heat, which passively regulates the cooler night-time temperatures. Above the indoor atrium staircase, motorized skylights naturally light the space while evacuating hot air. John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects.



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