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Suspended Tub from Agape – new Pear Cut VAS914

Suspended tub from Agape - Pear Cut VAS914
Giving new life to the concept of a tub with legs: the new Pear Cut VAS914 is a modern suspended tub from Agape. The geometrical structure of the frame holds suspended the curved tub for an interesting contrast. To further emphasise this harmonious contrast, the tub and its brace are available in two different shades. The Pear Cut bathtub is in bi-colored Cristalplant – white on the inside and grey on the outside. The brace can be in dark grey or white. Ideal for any contemporary bathroom, this bathtub is bound to be the focus of the room – a place to unwind and relax. Contact Agape for more information.
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Suspended tub from Agape - Pear Cut in black


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