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Spa Like Bathroom Ideas by Gessi – Segni Showerheads

gessi spa like bathroom Spa Like Bathroom Ideas by Gessi   Segni Showerheads
If you’re looking for some spa like bathroom ideas, take a cue from Italian company Gessi SpA, and get inspired by the gorgeous Segni showerhead collection. The sleek, simple lines and chic finishes will stir your inner stylist to create a spa like bathroom you’ll never want to leave. These professional-grade luxury showerheads are an elegant bathroom essential, as lavish to the touch as they are to the eye. This collection of ceiling-mounted showerheads comes in round, oval or circular shapes, each equally fashionable with a contemporary glossy mirrored stainless steel or brushed stainless steel finish. But function doesn’t take a back seat to style – these showerheads will bathe you in luxury and in light, with their integrated chromotherapy feature. It’s easy to bring the artful elegance of Italian design into your own bathroom – wherever that may be! To view the full collection and get some great spa inspired bathroom ideas, visit Gessi SpA.
gessi spa like bathroom ideas Spa Like Bathroom Ideas by Gessi   Segni Showerheads




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