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Small Houses on Small Budget by Pb Elemental Architects

Who knew that the combination of small site plus small budget could equal to something so massively cool? Innovative modern firm Pb Elemental Architecture designed the contemporary style house, Crockett Residence, on a budget of just $167 per sq. ft. The 790-sq.-ft. compact house on a 1,600-sq.-ft. lot packs a punch with its contemporary architecture and sleek, urban house plan. The contemporary cube-shaped home features a modern facade with a sleek, industrial-style steel staircase leading up to a steel-siding main floor, and a glass-enclosed second storey. Inside, you won’t believe how much the architects have stuffed into this small space: a foyer, an open-concept kitchen-living-dining area, four bedrooms, two baths, a utilities area, a large storage room and a secondary suite with a full kitchen, bath, laundry and closet. Topping it all off is a rooftop patio. Now that’s sweet! Pb Elemental Architecture
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crockett residence 1 Small Houses on Small Budget by Pb Elemental Architects
crockett residence 4 Small Houses on Small Budget by Pb Elemental Architects




3 thoughts on “Small Houses on Small Budget by Pb Elemental Architects

  1. I love this, but need 1 level. no stairs. we are old!! want modern, less than 1200 sq ft. any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. I love this home! I wish the price listed in the article was accurate. When I contacted Elemental Architecture about the Crockett Residence, the architect (Chris Pardo) informed me that this home was actually 2200 sqft. He said the home pictured in the photos above was built in 2007 and cost just over $400K to build at the time, which includes utility connections and general contractor fees. Not sure where Trendir got the figures but the entire article seems to be inaccurate: it’s not really a small house on a small budget like they report in the title and first paragraph.

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