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Single Storey House Plans – Modern House M

Modern, marvelous, magnificent! There are many words the “M” in “House M” can represent. This stunning single storey house plan by Austrian architecture firm Caramel Architekten makes the most on one-floor living by extending the indoors into the unlimited outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows open the home plan toward the west facing the Danube Valley; and to the south onto a covered terrace, boasting an outdoor entertaining area with views of the pond. The glass walls really expand this single storey home’s compact 12-by-12-ft. footprint, and offer direct access to an open-air terrace encircling the home. Simplicity dominates this straightforward cube house with its flat roof and walls, which give it economical appeal. Prefabricated materials allowed this home to be erected on its concrete slab within house of arriving on site, further reducing construction costs. Caramel Architekten
via Arch Daily
single storey house plans house m 2 Single Storey House Plans – Modern House M
single storey house plans house m 7 Single Storey House Plans – Modern House M




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  1. Good evening
    I am looking to build a house in the near future but first I need to know what style of design I like and/or would fit into the area where I wish to build.

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