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Romantic Glass Suspension Lighting by deMajo

With more than 60 years in an “illuminating” industry, Italian lighting company deMajo has introduced the world to some interesting luxe lamps – its collection of romantic glass suspension lighting is trendy. Check them out …
The Sahara Series is hot! These dramatic glass drop lamps designed by Oriano Favarettoi are so chic it hurts. Executed entirely of clear glass, these pendants feature a gently textured pattern rippling down the lower half of a sensual hourglass figure. Visible through the lamp, modern chrome hardware gives the Sahara Series a modern edge.

The Bea Series by designer Nicola Grandesso is another suspension lighting design that puts a modern twist on the traditional candlelight chandelier. Four glass arms reach out from a clear and colorless base, each arm boasting a simple, bell-shaped shade – all in transparent glass.
The third piece is the Peroni Series suspension lighting system, designed by Ufficio Tecnico. An elongated clear-glass shade, slightly barreled at the center, is accented by modern crisscrossed lines that add an artistic element to this simple but stylish pendant lamp.
For more romantic lighting designs, visit deMajo.


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