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Rock Cliff Exposed Inside Ocean View Home


Located in Lima, Peru, the Veronica Beach House was designed by Longhi Architects to use the rock cliff face as part of the home’s structure and as part of the overall design aesthetic within the inner volumes. The 3 volume residence incorporates the social zones on its lower levels with the rock cliff face on one side and a wall of glazing overlooking the non stop views on the other. The glazings lead out to a large pool and terrace both running the length of the building.


The pool is long and narrow, perfect for swimming laps while enjoying the Pacific Ocean skyline from the pool’s infinity edges. Those same views can be seen from each of the three volumes of the home on those days that swimming is just not on the agenda.

The terrace is also set up for outdoor enjoyment with a large and slightly curved sectional and a stunning living edge coffee table. The second floor overhang offers just the right amount of shade for the terrace while keeping the pool in full sun.
Inside the main level of the Veronica Beach House the living area is on one side with the kitchen on the other. In-between are two large and commanding statements. The first is the huge circular void within the ceiling offering a connection to each of the other two volumes. The second is the stairwell which features geometric staggerings of each tread interspersed with the organic shapes of the cliff face that the stairs are built into.
The architects chose colours and materials to keep the ceiling void and stairwell prominent. This was done by installing an all white kitchen which allows the sculptural elements of the void to dominate it, and by using concrete elements, such as the pillars and floor tiles to blend out so that the geometric and organic planes of the stairwell are the predominant greyscale features. Colour is only injected via the commanding oceanic views.

The void is a stunning and massive piece of artwork that incorporates viewing stations from each of the upper two volumes.
The stairs are also a masterful piece of three dimensional art. The mulitude of planes both vertically and horizontally are a fantastic play of light and shadow while the bulging cliff face adds a living, breathing quality to the installation.

The cliff boulders continue to bulge forth through the upper volumes. Set within a niche it is as though the rocks are a featured piece of art that the owner has hung on the wall to be admired as he/she travels towards their bedroom. Reinforcing this image of the boulder as wall art is the small elliptical window offering a peak to the sky above.

Looking over the pony wall it is hard not to be impressed with the rock and concrete composition.
With the rock wall on one side and the circular void on the other, the man-made views from the upstairs hallway are pretty awesome.
But the views from the Master Bedroom are even better with the only choice being to enjoy the view bedside or from the deck. The Master Bedroom offers a subtle connection to the stairwell with its staggered layers of headboard shelving and floating bed platform.

Guests can enjoy the views from the upstairs level via the 2nd floor deck that overlooks both the pool terrace as well as the living room via the void
Longhi Architects
Photography by Luis Longhi Traverso


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