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Modern Sustainable Home in UK – Repurposing and Revitalizing the 1890s Railway Carriage

Like an animal adapts to its environment, so too does this modern repurposed rail carriage on Dungeness Beach in Kent, UK. Designed by architect Simon Conder, El Ray is a modern home designed to both blend into its sandy surroundings and weather their storms. The two-bedroom house is a restoration and reformation of a railway carriage circa 1890 sits at the heart of the home, now transformed into the home’s main hub – the kitchen. A sloping roof invites visitors to revel in the breathtaking view that is the sea. One elevation takes on a semi-circular form, while facing south is a fully-glazed facade overlooks the Channel. The architect used FSC-certified wood where possible, making it a sustainable choice. Adding to the eco-friendly appeal, this modern house design also incorporates passive solar power, cross ventilation and wind turbines as a source of natural heating, cooling and off-the-grid power. Simon Conder.
Read the full article by Graham Bizley for Building Design magazine.



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