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Renovated Heirloom Apartment Combines Original Details With Modern Decor

An apartment building in Sweden has kept all of its period detailing but appears new, fresh and modern with all the woodworking painted out white. Even the floor has a white washed finisih on it. With all the hard-scaping finished in white, the homeowners where able to bring in their own personality with large patterns and vibrant colours. Each room keeps an abundance of white for flow and then brilliant shots of colour are added. Here, the dining room glams it up with golden accessories and uses a bold black and white striped area rug for its choice of dramatic colour and pattern. In the distance the bedroom goes Emerald Green via a quilt cover on the bed.

The Dining Room is centrally located in this apartment and on either end is a set of double doors, on one side the Master Bedroom – on the other the Living Space.
On the interior wall is another is another wall that leads to the hallway and beyond that is the Kitchen and Bathroom.
Although this is an Heirloom apartment, the Dining Room is large and there is enough room to run a series of storage cubes along the interior wall. These cubes are kept to the same white as the hard-scaping and the moulded plastic Dining Chairs. Another vertical storage unit with glass doors showcases the glassware.
The bedroom is not as large as the Dining or Living spaces, but there is floor to ceiling built in storage unit for storing clothing. Beside the Storage cabinet is a doorway that leads to the hallway right by the Entrance door.
On the other side of the bed is a small window with a hot water radiator below. Instead of bedside tables, the homeowner is using Arne Jacobson Ant Chairs and a Wishbone chair sits in the far corner.
The hallway does not have a closet but a shelf mounted high on the wall offers a place to store a few things and hang a few jackets. With all the period detailing, a more traditionally patterned area rug does not seem out of place amongst its more contemporary peers. Opposite the bedroom is the kitch and here, the look is undeniably modern. There is a double bank of upper cabinets to maximize the available storage. The weight of this double row is kept visually light with the use of Stainless Steel and glass doors on the top row.
Although the cabinetry is finished in a solid black gloss, it does not feel overbearing. The dark cabinetry allows the white full height backsplash and white washed floorboards take centre stage and keep the room feeling open and light filled.
Next to the bank of cabinets is a door that leads to the back balcony. Between the doorway and the far counter is a small eating area with a couple of Arne Jacobson Ant chairs.
The deck is long and narrow with just enough room for a bistro table and two chairs. The cheerful mint of the furnishings contrast nicely with the red of the brick building and the pots of geraniums create an intimate setting. The glass paneled railing system keeps the space from feeling closed in.
renovated-heirloom-apartment-original-details-modern-decor-11-kitchen  .jpg
The kitchen is an odd shaped space with the sink wall being much smaller then the stove wthe wall of cabinets across from it. Here there is just enough room to squeeze in a dishwasher. Another pair of Stainless Steel and glass upper cabinets houses the dishes and a small shelf holds a few personal items.
renovated-heirloom-apartment-original-details-modern-decor-12-hallway .jpg
The kitchen is located centrally in the apartment and there is just a short walk down the hall to get to the Dining Room. At the far end of the hallway is a mirrored closet and tucked just out of sight is the door to the washroom.
The washroom is another angled space, and it is also L-shaped. There is just enough room to tuck a tub on the short end of the L and the long wall holds a washing machine, the sink and the toilet. Everything is kept white and utilitarian. The only detail is the black pinstrip of tiles high on the wall and the change of tiles from the wall to the flooring.
renovated-heirloom-apartment-original-details-modern-decor-14-bathroom  .jpg
With the only detailing in the space that is not white being the pinstripe of tile up high on the wall, the homeowners can change up the colour scheme simply by changing the towels.
renovated-heirloom-apartment-original-details-modern-decor-15-living .jpg
To get to the living space it is a short walk back up the hall, and through the Dining Room.
renovated-heirloom-apartment-original-details-modern-decor-16-living .jpg
The Living Room is as spacious and the Dining room and there is just enough room between the two windows to position a media cabinet for their large screen TV. Furnishings are kept to a minimum. A seating arrangement is opposite the TV and a small desk is positioned in the far corner for the homeowners to work on their laptops. The same pattern used on the bedspread is used on the couch throws, only instead of having an Emerald Green background, these are a much more subdues Coal Grey. The traditional area rug (similar to the one in the hallwa)y is used to tie the sitting area together. This rug is the only splash of colour in an otherwise black and white room.
From the Living Room you can look through the double doors, past the Dining Room and enjoy the hit of Emerald Green on the bedspread in the Master Bedroom.
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