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Penta Vessel Sink by Mac Stopa features False Voids

Penta creates a visual of fluid formations within its combination of clear and solid materials that almost cause you to hesitate before turning the faucet on. The clear sections are created with Chroma and the solid formation is made with Dupont Corian. The nature inspired shape suggests that water has eroded holes through the vessel sink and that suggestion presents a geological story of history and perseverance – and of course pure whimsy.

The graceful silhouette to Penta has a sense of lightness that is enhanced by the contrast in the two thermoformed solid surface materials. Even the drain adds to the ethereal feeling of the vessel, as it seems to hold the sink down, stopping it from floating away.
The contrast between the Dupont Corian and Chroma in Penta is enhanced as light passes through it allowing for the creative use of directional lighting to create plays on shadow and reflection for a 3 dimensional storyline to the sink and its surrounding environment. No wonder it won the Interior Design best of the year honoree award in 2013.
Penta by Mac Stopa


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