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Pellet Stove from Ruegg-Cheminee – Taos stove

January is a month when many experience inclement weather that makes them long for the kind of comfort provided by the Taos Pellet Stove from Ruegg-Cheminee. This pellet stove works with an industrial efficiency to keep you snug; the Taos has an exceptionally large combustion chamber! Up to 32kg of pellets can be placed inside the chamber at any one time, keeping the heat going for up to 4 days. This level of heating autonomy means you need not worry when the temperatures drop very low, or when you are too busy to check the stove’s operation. With a high level of user-friendliness, the stove offers an automatic timer, touch-button controls and very quiet operation. And from the outside – the Taos is attractive – its milled steel or soapstone front paneling suitable for a contemporary living space. For more information, contact Ruegg-Cheminee.


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