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Outdoor Summer décor ideas that is too good to not indulge in

The summertime is great! You get to spend the most time outdoors, the weather is typically beautiful, and an extra dose of fresh air is always awesome. Keeping that in mind, decorating your outdoor space for the summer can be quite complicated, even for those that are experts at home décor. This might be due to summer being such a free spirit or due to not wanting to overwhelm the space with decorative items. The following outdoor summer decorating ideas will have you inspired to change up your immediately.


The more plants you bring the grander the room will appear. Furthermore, add plants that had color for that modern approach that enhances the room.

So, you have a beautiful porch yet not many plants around it to provide sufficient shading, what should you do? The answer is simple! Bring in more greenery and allow it to be the main focus. Consider bringing in multiple plants and having them scattered around. Doing so allows you to work with the space you have while ensuring the room feels fresh and clean every time. Work with different size plants for a contemporary yet chic approach.

Embellish the Ceiling

Add a few string lights and a chandelier to embrace the room and complete the look.

One of the best ways to create height and a contrasting appeal is to embellish the ceiling. Embellishing your ceiling is great for those that want to create a cool space without going overboard. Bring in unique light fixtures and hanging plants. Having both is perfect for those that seek a chic way of having your favorite items displayed. Consider bring in a charming approach with a colorful twist for the best outcome.

Scattered Seating

Let’s say scattered seating isn’t exactly your idea of having a good place to sit, your guests. Bring in unique seating, but in a circular manner.

Setting up an abundance of settings can help you manage an array of different situations. Whether that be having guests over, or simply being able to sit outdoors with your entire family, either or it enables you to make the most of the room. The key is working with multiple seating items such as a chair a sofa or both and working them around the room. Creating a contrast will make the room feel new yet put together all at once. We recommend scattering your seats so that you take up as much space as possible while still being versatile.

Treat it Like a Mudroom

Bring in hooks to complete your outdoor look. It’s all about making the room feel as fresh and easy as possible with a hint of mudroom appeal.

Instead of overcrowding the mudroom, treat your porch like a mudroom. Secure some hooks on the wall and work yourself into adding a bench or two. The simple act of adding hooks and a bench will create a second mudroom enabling you to hang coats, jackets, or even sweaters. Doing so will create that mudroom feel that doubles as a space you can sit in and enjoy the great outdoors. Minimal décor will work best with this idea.

Add a Fireplace

Work with a large fireplace to make a bold display, while making the room come to life in an expansive manner.

If your space is big enough to have a fireplace, embrace it and go with it. Furthermore, take it to the next level by adding a TV with your fireplace. The key is working with both items and having them become the best part of your space. Consider taking your porch to the next level with this idea and using it as the second space you or your guest can hang out in. It’s all about taking the room to the next level and making it feel as calming as possible.

Bold Prints

Work with bold prints and pair them with contrasting colors for that vivid aesthetic that enhances your outdoor space.

Though every space in your home doesn’t have to scream summer some do! The porch is no exception! Bring in bold patterns into your entire décor. Whether that is through patterned cushions, upholstered pieces, or both. The idea is to have as munch punch of character and pattern as possible without missing a beat. Consider working with neutral and colorful bits to make the most out of the room in a chic type of way.

Built-in Furniture

Pair your built-in furniture with simple chairs that fully enhance the space while still being easy to interchanging depending on the season or gathering.

If you want furniture that will fit your space and style to a T it’s time to look into built-in furniture. Not only is it more versatile and works perfectly with whatever décor you already have but it enables you to get creative without missing a beat. It’s all about ensuring the more feels as cohesive as possible. Keep in mind, once you get built-in décor you won’t want to go back.

Tropically Inspired

When going for a tropical aesthetic add as many plants and planters as visually appealing as possible. It’s about creating a space that feels organic to the room.

Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated space that feels like a mini-vacation every time you step in it? It’s time to create that vacation space you have always desired to have directly in your home. Do so by bringing in lounge chairs and add in tropical touches here and there to make your space feel as unique and fresh as possible. If you’re short on plants that surround the space, consider bringing in large planters that will embrace the room while adding a tropical touch. Keep your landscape as luxurious as possible for that engaging feel.

Make it Cozy

For that cozy feel keep your decor floor level. Doing so will ensure the entire space is always cozy. Furthermore, work with layers, adding a layer appeal will further showcase the idea of intimacy.

Creating a cozy indoor and outdoor space should feel as natural as possible. Therefore, bring in a swinging chair, cushions, and even a rug for that welcoming feel that is also intimate. Creating an intimate space will give your home a sharp, chic feel that it deserves. Work with as many intimate items as you possibly can including candles, a seating space, and a smaller table where you can keep a drink or two.

Consider a Contrast

Work with as many minimal bits as possible for that leveled contrast that embraces the entire space. Keep it simple for a chicer appeal.

Whether your space is big or small creating a contrast will always come in handy. Take a decent size table and pair it with stools for smaller eating space. You can use it to eat, sit, or even simply showcase the décor you have. For an extra dose bring in a built-in bench that will always be there when you step outside.

Take your porch to the next level by following any of these ideas, or by mixing and matching them. With that being said, which of these ideas do you like best? Share with us below.



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