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Outdoor Living Idea – Eastern-inspired beach setting from Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti’s Aqua outdoor furniture collection encompasses all you need to create an effortlessly elegant outdoor living space. This beautiful beach setting idea is very much Eastern-inspired with low, cushioned bed sofas on which to recline, as well as scatter cushions in muted, earthy tones. Known for well-defined and simple shapes in furniture design, along with unusual and sumptuous weaves of floor coverings, the Aqua patio/beach items showcase both of Paola Lenti’s signature looks. More for intimate evening affairs than the heat of the day, the deep colors and touchable materials draw you in. The company is experimental in the textile field: these pieces are perfect for outdoor use, being both resistant and durable. An Italian business, the philosophy of internationally renowned Paola Lenti is to provide a ‘distinctive timeless style’… which it accomplishes with graceful ease.


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