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Outdoor House Plan with Interior Courtyard and Rooftop Garden

What do you get when you combine a curved roof, an interior courtyard, a rooftop garden, and an outdoor entertaining areas that rival those of most interiors? You get this awesome outdoor living house plan in Singapore, designed by locally based firm Guz Architects. The Willow House was designed for a young family, and in spite of the functional demands for the design, the architects turned out a super cool house that any architecture lover can appreciate. Check it out.

Some of the home’s most interesting features are visible in this single snapshot, starting with the striking “floating” roof perched on straight and angled wood pillars that remind us of the natural lines in a forest. Beneath the roof, an open alfresco living area blurs the boundary between indoors and out. Also visible from afar, a delicate staircase leads up to the rooftop garden overlooking the alluring glazed pool below.
The entrance is private, yet welcoming. The perfectly manicured gardens make way for natural stone and warm wood details. Wood slats flanking the front entrance let you steal a sneak peek at what’s behind the facade.
Past the front entrance is a paradise of whimsical plantings and architecture to match.
The architects created this wonderful wall-less house design perched the hilltop, inviting the rare Singapore breeze and the stunning scenery.
A garden at the center of this covered patio area takes that element of the outdoors to the next level. A tree reaches up toward the circular cut-out in the roof, plants hang down from the rooftop garden, and the pool running alongside the home reflects it all in its calm, green water.
Beyond the garden you’ll find the open kitchen, which is as much a part of the outdoors as interiors.
To the other side of the central garden, an alfresco living area overlooks the pool and patio.
The transition from outdoors in is seamless, due to the view-through architecture, making the gardens and pools visible throughout.
Not only does this exterior staircase lead up to the rooftop garden, it’s actually part of the garden with planted treads that pamper your feet and your eyes. The open rise and side rails leave sight lines unobstructed.
The open upper level terrace is enclosed in glass, creating a catwalk effect with views down, and out to the garden and beyond.
And what a view!
The rooftop garden is just as lush and luxe as the ground level garden, featuring grass, leaves, trees, the whole nine!
Guz Architects
via Contemporist
photo credit: Patrick Bingham Hall


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