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Open Concept Home Design, Japan – it’s not what you think …

Who knew a primitive one-room home could be so… oh, what’s the word? Modern? Creative? Innovative? Totally awesome?? This cool house designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects takes “open concept” to a new level. Located in Gunma, Japan, this eccentric house was designed for a family of four with a love for art and clearly, for architecture as well. What’s most unique about this modern home is the interesting floor plan, which connects each room to the others, all the while maintaining a sense of privacy and distinctive living areas. The main area of the house is occupied by a kitchen and living/dining room. Clockwise from this central space, you’ll find a child’s bedroom, a bathroom, a second child’s bedroom, a Japanese-style room, the piano room, a study, and the master bedroom, which brings you full-circle back to the kitchen. Depending on the function of the room, some walls are positioned with a wide entrance, while others narrow, allowing for either privacy in the space, or company. What really strikes me in this convoluted design “drawn with one stroke”, is the concept of constant change of scenery – “making one step forward, one would suddenly see a different space of different depth, that was hidden behind the wall a moment before.” Sou Fujimoto Architects
via Arch Daily



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