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Olive Oil Taster – Taste-Huile by Alessi

taste huile olive oil taster alessi 1 Olive Oil Taster   Taste Huile by Alessi
gift guide 2010 Olive Oil Taster   Taste Huile by Alessi
Known for its functional but fashionably iconic kitchenware designs, Alessi’s Taste-Huile Olive Oil Taster is fun to use and holds its own aesthetically – all in all, a great gift. Good things come in small packages, and this compact design makes a great addition to any table. The egg-shaped oil canister sits comfortably in its matching chromed dish, one for each place setting. Sicilian olive oil producer Lorenzo Piccione di Pianogrillo, along with partner Kobi Wiesendanger, created this gourmand treat designed to encourage and enhance the natural flavors of extra virgin olive oil. Fill the chamber to about half, and hold it in your hand to warm its contents and release its fruity essence. Retails for $75, get it at YLiving.




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