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Modern Bathroom from Axia – the new AX10 design

axia bathroom ax10 Modern Bathroom from Axia   the new AX10 design
This iconic modern bathroom collection from Axia is the AX10 designed by Simone Micheli. Dramatic, larger-than-life shapes dominate the crisp white suite… each arousing an emotional response as the viewer becomes the user by interaction. Unadorned white allows the geometric outline of each piece to take centre stage, as an uncluttered and modern environment emerges. The bathroom escapes starkness by including friendly, rounded corners to refine the look. Micheli believes that the bathroom reflects “a possible new domestic panorama that more closely reflects man’s need to listen to his own body”. An unmistakable stamp of the designer is the unusual shower concept – the user entering a transparent structure which hangs down from the ceiling. AX10 also stars a long bath that even the tallest will be able to fully immerse themselves in, as well as a more classical free-standing tub option. An exciting new bathroom from Axia – the AX10.
axia bathroom ax10 shower Modern Bathroom from Axia   the new AX10 design
AX10 bathtub
AX10 bathroom mirror
AX10 bathroom vanity



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