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Modern Thailand house reflecting an active, adventurous lifestyle

IDIN Architects are the brains behind this unusual stacked blocked house located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Dubbed the W House, this contemporary style home was actually designed to reflect the owner’s active lifestyle and character – no doubt a forward-thinking, complex, eccentric individual, by the looks of it! Here’s the grand tour:

The homeowner, an avid traveler and kayaker, inspired this design – a particular picture of a boat sailing along a river. The designer transformed the living and dining room into “supporters” of the bedrooms above, much like the river supporting the sailboat. And like the challenging sport of kayaking, a challenging design for the cantilevered upper level reflects that sentiment. This overhanging upper level shades the living areas below, while creating the effect of floating in mid air.
The home’s facade mirrors the colors of nature, boasting a grey concrete upper level set atop an earthy brown ground level. Expansive windows are equipped with wood shades, offering privacy when needed and opening up to nature as desired.

Interiors are sun-soaked and simple, featuring finished concrete for walls and ceilings. Overhead, the cool concrete and wood ceilings are warm, in contrast to the contemporary polished floors underfoot.


A set of concrete floating stairs have an industrial quality, complemented by a concrete pillar supporting the hefty looking concrete ceiling. The stairs ascend to the private upper level, where bedrooms and a bathroom offer some sweet solitude and solace amid the daily sea of houses and people and chaos.


A rooftop deck is the refuge where the homeowner can escape the daily disarray and steal some quiet moments.
IDIN Architects
Via Contemporist


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