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Modern Miami Villa Allegra – living luxuriously

With an obvious lust for life, luxury and the finer things, the owner of this palatial Miami Beach home revels in a resort-inspired lifestyle. The 9,000 sq. ft. of modern opulence leave nothing to be desired. Oppenheim Architecture has designed Villa Allegra’s with as much attention paid to outdoor living spaces as indoor. An apt introduction to a life of luxury, a 20-by-30-by-20-ft. foyer is furnished with a reflecting pool and oculus, creating an awe-inspiring welcome for residents and guests. Vast panes of glass offer panoramic views of the lush yard, complete with a pool and canal overlooked by a 20-by-60-ft. outdoor living area. A circular column houses an outdoor shower with an open sky for its ceiling. Inside, the home’s grand scale is enhanced by tall ceilings and unusually wide doorways, which connect the various living areas while simultaneously dividing them. The second floor features a private interior courtyard accessed through the master bedroom – a private paradise. Oppenheim Architecture.
Photo credit: Ken Hayden Photography



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