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Japanese Atelier Tekuto has mastered the small, modern space. Reflection of Mineral House in Tokyo, Japan is a small but sweet residence, measuring it at just 480 sq. ft. Designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita, the house appears as though it has been crushed and crammed into its small, irregularly shaped lot. Oddly enough, the result is a whimsical, multi-faceted gem in this densely populated urban center. The picture of elegant Japanese modernism, the architect’s vision comes alive with every twist and fold of the home’s striking silhouette, which appears to balance on a single point at its base. Inside, the home’s fabulous form dictates the wonderfully shaped rooms and the way light hits every angle. A minimal white palette and natural wood floors keep the focus where intended – on form. Atelier Tekuto
via The Cool Hunter
photo credit: Jimmy Cohrssen



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