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Modern Holiday Interiors – 10 Christmas Tree Alternatives

Those of us living modern lifestyles maybe looking for smart Christmas tree alternatives for our holiday interiors. Some may not feel right about cutting down a tree every year, just to throw it out at the end of the season. Some of us are looking for something more creative for a small space, a tight budget, as a DIY project or simply because we want to be different the next year. Below are our 10 favorite Christmas tree alternatives.

1. Use a wall decal, paint or tape and put your tree right on the wall. Dress it too if you like. Via Vosges Paris.
2. You have a ladder stored away in your closet that you never use? Now you know what to do with it this year! Via Pinterest.
3. A hanging ornament tree mobile – follow the link to see the instructions. Via Not Martha.
4. Get creative with spare or leafless branches. Or order this one from The White Company. Via 79 Ideas.
5. The cutest modern tinsel tree ever. Via MoMo Living.
6. Get out your collections or Christmas ornaments and pin them to your wall in the shape of a tree. Could be lots of fun. Via Apartment Therapy.
7. Nail, staple or glue some scrap wood together for a rustic homemade tree you can feel proud of. Via Apartment Therapy.
8. Adhere some recyled tree branches right to the wall and decorate – no need for a floor stand this way. Via Inspire Bohemia.
9. The Possibilitree is awesome. It has a certain mid centurey charm. It’s not messy or time consuming. It folds flat so it’s easy to store. Use it year after year for a unique / modern / designer look.
10. Use your string lights to fashion a wall tree. You can decorate it if you wish, but we think it could look pretty charming and modern just plain too. Via C2B.


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