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Modern Extension to Traditional Farmhouse

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The renovation and extension of this turn of the century farmhouse north of Toronto brings a totally new dimension to the existing project. Plant Architects did not only add to the volume, but they completely modified the orientation of the house, turning it towards the view. The extension respects the traditional barn and silo relationship, but with a contemporary twist. The addition is a simple tower construction that connects with the existing farmhouse through a narrower link structure. The contemporary feel of the new building is mainly given by the big corner windows and the light, lofty interiors. These big windows turn the house towards the view, a criterion that had been completely ignored when the existing farmhouse was built. The owner of the house, who had lived a long time in it before deciding to have it renovated, was able to give the architects a very clear picture of the disadvantages that the old house presented. One of them was the bad insulation and the decaying state of the brick facades. The solution to these problems was to envelop the house in a new coat, a grey-blue vertical and horizontal wood cladding. The new program for the extension consists, on the ground floor, of a vestibule, powder room, kitchen, storage and sitting area. The ground floor is connected by a new stair to the new second floor master bedroom suite and to original bedrooms.

modern extension to traditional farmhouse 3 thumb 630xauto 32841 Modern Extension to Traditional Farmhouse

The new facades, the cantilevering sunshades and the wooden deck give the house a complete face-lift and create a smooth transition between the inside and the outside spaces.


The floor to ceiling glazed corner of the extension creates a light-filled open space for the living room and the kitchen. This space, where the owners would spend most of their day time is cozy, functional and opens beautiful views.


The kitchen corner, with a U layout, has a lot of storage and work space. The peninsula side of the U serves also as dining table.




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