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Mining Slag Candlesticks by David Taylor are Stunning Works of Art

David Taylor has created a series of candlesticks made from mining slag and either brushed aluminum or polished brass. The candlesticks are stunning works of art that are as beautiful on their own as they are with a lit candle held proudly in place.
David cleans the raw slag to reveal a vibrant blue-green glassy rock and then attaches it to the aluminum or brass with bolts, glue and a little soldering.

The slag is a waste material or bi-product of the smelting or refining of metal ore done at a former iron foundry between the 1600s and 2006. Photo source.
The slag is a commonplace find in the forest that surrounds the Swedish village of Halleforsnas. Photo source.
The contrast between the rough and raw slag with the smooth metal, combined with the flickering flames of a candle create a beautiful moment for all to enjoy. The candlesticks are so unique that they are not just decor objects but also objet d’ art. Photo source.
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