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Minimalist Interior Designed as Black and White Photographs

Three bedrooms, 2,000 sq. ft., and $6.7 million – that’s the basic math behind this modern flat for sale across the pond. London’s famed Notting Hill hosts this heavenly home, which is quite fittingly finished in white, its interiors glowing with natural light and overlooking St. Stephen’s Church. At first glance, the space reminds us of an artful black-and-white photograph. This modern home wrapped in a Victorian shell boasts traditional elements that reveal her true age. A pair of adjoining reception rooms boasts soaring ceiling heights framed by classic crown molding. Floor-to-ceiling sash windows flood interiors with natural light. A central fireplace feature dominates the minimalist living area, where a carefully considered, thoughtfully edited collection of modern art and furniture colors the clean, black-and-white backdrop.

The terrace rivals interiors with its own contemporary collection of furniture and art.
Of course, the view of St. Stephen’s Church whisks this modern-day residence back to its Victorian roots.
The double-sided fireplace anchors the open space – living room on one side and dining on the other. It is the definite star of the space, but as a secondary bonus, it also adds some separation without compromising the home’s open layout.
The minimalist white interiors are counterbalances with black-painted wood floors – providing that essential exclamation point. Oomph!
This space is a veritable art gallery, from its sculptural Panton dining chairs to the floating cubes overhead. In fact, an overall view of this space is a piece of art in itself, like a black-and-white photograph.
The looming windows add visual space and height to the room, and the natural light gets bounced around via the integrated mirror above the fireplace.
A curious length of rope lies on the floor, winding its way from this reception space into the dining area around the corner.
The clean look of the white dining chairs and the marble slab table is simply decadent! The continuation of the black and white palette visually connects this nook to the rest of the space.
Follow the wall of windows from the dining area into a thoroughly modern kitchen. This deceivingly small space looks larger than it actually is, thanks to the wall of windows that invites natural light in and sight lines out. A walkout to the terrace further expands the kitchen beyond its walls.
The bedroom is simple, but for the futuristic desk tucked at the foot of the bed. This sculptural, glossy piece reflects the light from the large windows and wall, and steal the spotlight in a space where the bed is typically the main focus.
This secondary bedroom is much warmer, with a library look and feel, thank to the built-in bookcases flanking the floor-to-ceiling window, and the fireplace at the foot of the bed.
Property is on sale at Domus Nova


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