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Mini Christmas Tree Decor That Make A Whole Lot Of Sense

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year not only because it brings family together on a more often basis but because decorating the home becomes a whole lot more elaborate. While most of us love having one big Christmas tree as part of the living room, others have multiple ones throughout the home, though this year, the biggest trend for Christmas is- mini Christmas trees. Yes, you read that correctly incorporating mini Christmas trees throughout your home as part of your décor is now the latest trend and we are just as obsessed. The following mini Christmas tree décor ideas will not only make you run out to buy some mini trees, but you will feel inspired to upgrade your décor.

Bring it to your Mantel

Use different size trees to create a contrast that makes sense and brings a different touch to the room, consider using metallics as well.

We are completely obsessed with the idea of having tiny Christmas trees incorporated into the mantel area. Mantels tend to come to life during the holiday season; therefore, incorporate multiple tiny trees as part of your mantel to make a statement that extends from your Christmas tree.


The beauty of having tinsel is how diverse they are and how many colorful options you have, this is the perfect excuse to use color in a unique manner.

While tinsel might seem to have gone out of style this is no longer the case for this current year, in fact, many would say it’s a bold trend this year. Colorful tinseled tiny trees are all the rave, and we love it. Use vibrant hues such as blue, green, pink, and even red.

Bring it to the Kitchen

Add fun decor to your mini tree to make your kitchen look more festive and put together, consider adding bits of red for a vibrant touch.

Why exclude your kitchen from the fun? Bring a smaller tree to your kitchen for a festive touch that brings the space back to life. The key is allowing it to be the main focus of your kitchen décor, keep the rest simple for a festive touch that doesn’t take away from your décor.

Keep it Modest

A modest tree can be extremely cute when it is paired with simple lighting and little to no ornaments.

If you’re looking to make a statement without fully decorating your tree or want to bring a minimalist approach towards your décor purchase a real smaller tree and display it as it is. While this is a less festive approach and might even seem a bit “too minimal” but it makes an impact in its very own manner.

Pitcher, Please?

Don’t like the aesthetics of having a pitcher as part of your Christmas decor? Conceal it with a wood crafted box for a beautiful farmhouse appeal.

Have an extra pitcher at home? Well, we have a solution for it, add a tiny tree inside of it and allow it to make the perfect farmhouse décor. This idea comes with a hint of rustic yet oh so magazine perfect.

Book Tree

Having a book tree is the perfect form of bringing a modern touch to a traditional Christmas must have.

Yes, and absolutely are the only two words that can be used to describe having a book tree. Book trees are great for those that want to get creative yet haven’t figured out how to do it without bringing a tree home. Having a book tree allows you to decide how tall and wide you would like your tree to be, just don’t forget to add lights.

Tiny Burlap

Keep it natural with the burlap and add pinecones, doing so will create a seamless blend between the two while giving you a welcoming feel.

Do not forget the burlap when you want to bring a hint of something to your mini tree. Doing so brings a rustic, chic touch that can only be described as whimsical with bits of farmhouse magic.

Bring on the Elegance

Just because your tree is small doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be elegant, you can actually create an elegant look by having little to no decor just the essentials.

While most of us love a festive touch overall, we also love an elegant appeal that brings an elevated look to any decor you might already have. The key is having your tree feel as grand as possible even when it’s a bit smaller in size.

It’s a Display

Not a fan of faux candles around your tree? Add tiny present to bring an extension of holiday cheer.

When in doubt create a mini tree display, pair your mini trees with candles and other forest-like elements to make a big statement with smaller elements. You want to display your new pieces on your dining table, or even outside.

Take it Outside

Why have one mini tree outside when you can have two? Use multiple mini trees to bring dimension that works well in the space.

Why keep all of your festive décors indoors when we can take it outside as well, that is were a mini tree will come in handy. Take your mini tree outside and display it as part of your holiday décor, consider using numerous different light fixtures to ensure it brings a bright new touch when it is on.

Love them or hate them tiny trees are IN! What do you think of the trend? Are you incorporating it into your holiday décor? Share your ideas with us below.


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