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Mid-Century Living Room Ideas That Are Timeless

Mid-century décor tends to be a top favorite for many because of its classic décor that brings a vintage feel even to the most modern homes. We have put together a few mid-century living room ideas that are timeless and will remind you of the refine feeling your grandmother’s home had. These will take you back in time, an era you won’t want to back from.

Whimsical Features

For a whimsical aspect to the room add a natural element. The natural aspect of it will bring in that whimsical feature that is traditional to nature. That is where wooden or pastel decor will come into play. Lay it out in a way that feels aesthetic to the space while still being put together.

The word “whimsical” is mostly used to describe a charming, feminine space that excels in calming features. In this case, it is used to describe a soft decorating style that simply feels genuine to the space. In order to create a whimsical feature in the living room, you want to add an appealing, yet softer sofa doesn’t command the space, instead, it appears to simply flow with the rest of the décor.

Statement Rug

Don’t like patterned rugs or colorful ones? If that is the case consider a textured rug instead. They create an opulent aesthetics while still working the room beautifully. Keep the decor as mid-century as possible for the perfect textured effect.

Statement rugs are coming back in a huge way, especially when you are working on creating a mid-century room. two Add a large colorful rug or a rug with a rich pattern for that classic feel that simply works!

Linen Sofas

Color blocking with linen sofas and chairs is a modern way of adding something extra to your traditional mid-century decor. Use two vivid hues in the same color palette and work around them. Doing so creates that color block image with little to no effort while still having that mid-century aspect of it.

Linen sofas are excellent to create a mid-century look in the living room because they come in multiple different hues which allows you to make a bold statement. The key is working in leather pieces that allow the sofa to make the statement it is intended to make.

Shades of Blue

If shades of navy aren’t your thing consider using lighter hues and work them in together with other shades of blue to bring it all together in a color blocking form. The beauty of this is you can choose 2-3 shades of blue and repeated it multiple different times for that cohesive appeal that makes sense.

Shades of blue are perfect to maintain the classic aesthetics that are well-known for mid-century décor. The key is working with multiple different hues of blue and making them work together. Incorporate lighter hues of blue with dark shades of navy for the perfect well-balanced space.

Bold Stools

Adding a bold seating area to your living room is an excellent form of bringing color. Have one simple stool for a touch of color or have multiple different stools for an added boho-chic appeal. Keep the space as crisp with color as possible. Pair with a metallic hue for the perfect combination. 

Bold stools make an undeniable statement anywhere they are placed. They key is having a repetitive hue or pattern that is completely different from the rest of your décor pieces. Keep the room, modern but with the richness of the mid-century vivid stools.

Leather Daybed

Daybeds are coming back on trend in a huge way The beauty of it is they are easy, laid back and have a boho-chic aspect to them that adds to the perfectly imperfect mid-century decor. The beauty is undeniable because it draws the attention to the furniture piece. Pair it in an open space for that easy layout.

A daybed could be exactly what your living room needs for that unique twist, especially if it is leather. The key is having that rich leather aesthetics, but simple all at once. Maintain the space simple so that the décor revolves around the daybed.

Open Outline

Mid-century decor is known for being closed off and circular but if you want a more elevated appeal to your living room, consider an open space layout. The key is working with elements that appear great in any format they are laid in. Use large sofas and smaller pieces for a balance between the two. 

Instead of creating a closed or a circular outline in the space, consider having an open silhouette that brings everything together. Keep the space filled with beauty, yet with simplicity to have the well-rounded area that makes complete sense.

Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls are excellent for small spaces because they make the room appear larger. Pair it with an open decor concept for the perfect form and layout. Doing so will bring out the beauty in the room and help make it larger and more put together.

Mirrored walls are a mid-century staple. The key is having them be the highlight of the space while still making the room feel genuinely vintage. That’s what mirrored walls do, they are authentic yet bring in the perfect sense of mid-century décor. The aesthetics are unbelievable, and the view is even grander.

Stone Fireplace

A stone fireplace will always be a luxurious because of the way it is laid out. Centering the decor around the fireplace gives it the focal point it deserves. The key is working with colors that enhance the natural fireplace hues. The better the space is laid out the better it is. 

Having a fireplace is considered a luxury, but having a stone fireplace is known for being the ultimate symbol of relaxation. The key is working with the décor around the fireplace area. Keeping the décor simple allows the fireplace to make the statement, it deserves to make.

Cream Color Palette

A cream color palette is beautiful when it is paired with pastel hues that bring out the simple features in a cream color. Pair it with different hues of pastel for the best outcome and add some fresh greenery to the room. 

A cream color palette is a classic form of incorporating mid-century décor. Its simple, chic and trendy all while being elegant. This works well in a small living room area because it helps with the idea of making the space appear larger. The key is making the room appeal as classic as possible while still being trendy.

Which of these do you want to incorporate into your home? Share with us your ideas in the comments below.


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