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Magnificent Modern Mountain Home in Whistler, British Columbia

Built into the Canadian Rockies of Whistler, British Columbia, the Spring Creek Residence by aka Architecture+Design is a modern mountain residence if ever there was one. The home’s grand luxury commands attention from near and far with its design perched precariously atop this remote, rocky slope. Actually, this contemporary home was designed into the mountain – “a series of walls cutting into an extraordinarily steep site,” as described by the architects. Clearly inspired by its surroundings, the sprawling home of 4,000 sq. ft. incorporates the rock and the wood that define these natural surroundings. Walls of wood and concrete are set aglow from the light within, pouring out from the massive expanses of glass making up much of the home’s facade. Interiors are simple, yet lavish. Contemporary open-concept spaces boast high-end finishes, polished slab floors and wonderful woods exposed in the beams and frames throughout. aka Architecture+Design.



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