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Magically Majestic New Medieval Armchair by Massimo

Italian Designer Massimo Farina has combined both his meticulous standards and his artistic eye to create the limited edition New Medieval Armchair. The luxury seat is a visually unique form with a peaked backrest, reaching arms and slightly concaved shape. The curves and angles within the chair stops the wood framework from feeling boxy while at the same time that same wood framework showcases the essence of the wood itself. Each chair is exclusively produced and handmade to order in the Massimo Italian design studio and each comes with its own Massimo certification and silver plate to confirm its authenticity and indicate its progressive production number as part of the series.


Massimo specializes in crafting visually striking and ultra creative furnishings that are the focal point of every room they are in and the New Medieval Armchair is no exception.
The New Medieval Armchair is the perfect choice for those wishing to convey their love of modern art, Italian design and luxury furniture.
Massimo Farina is himself the conceptual mastermind and architectural engineer behind this Armchair, drawing his inspiration from the abundance of roman classical renaissance and medieval architecture within Venice and Verona – in particular, the Venetian icon of the Gondola.

Viewed from behind the armchair forms the shape of a Roman gladiator battle shield, this added design detail further reflects its historical inspiration and celebrates the mystery and wonder of the middle ages.
The chair is an intriguing and ever changing composition of modern angles, and classic curves while the seat is a soft and luxurious leather in your choice of 6 colours; ice, pearl, desert, etna, anthracite and squid.
You can even choose between 3 woods; walnut, mahogany, or cherry and each of the woods can be stained in a clear, medium or dark finish.
The New Medieval Armchair is Massimo’s “piece de resistance” and each limited edition chair is made to order using ancient woodworking techniques that have been passed down through the ages by Italian artisans. It is 100% handmade and 100% awesome.
Massimo Farina


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