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Luxury Kitchen by Neff – the Ash kitchen

neff kitchens ash kitchen Luxury Kitchen by Neff   the Ash kitchen
Beautiful black cabinets accented with gorgeous wood grain, the Neff Ash luxury kitchen blends sparse elegance with rich woods. Black wood cabinets provide a sophisticated backdrop to the brilliant steel ovens and range hood, and bring the Ash kitchen a simple modern elegance. Adding a touch of warmth to the black and steel theme, the Neff kitchen finishes its island in large panels of lush American Apple. The long dark grains of the American Apple and the slim steel cabinets handles create a strong horizontal element in the Ash kitchen. Featuring the signature Neff culinary centres with professional chopping boards and integrated trough sink, this luxury custom kitchen offers professional function as well as sharp modern design. A brilliant addition to Neff kitchen line, the luxury Ash kitchen makes a dynamic modern statement for contemporary cooking. Also see Neff Kitchen Accessories.
neff kitchens ash kitchen wall Luxury Kitchen by Neff   the Ash kitchen



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