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Luxury Architectural Hardware from Edgar Berebi – Gold Plated and Swarovski Crystal Encrusted cabinet pulls and knobs

Edgar Berebi luxury architectural hardware
For those with an eye for detail, these luxury pulls and knobs from Edgar Berebi provide an attention-grabbing solution. Painstakingly produced to include Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and gold plating, each item of this luxury architectural hardware is in itself a work of art. In fact, these wonderful pieces have an appeal similar to that of the miniature Japanese ‘Netsuke’ carvings, which have remained popular with collectors since the 17th century. But unlike ‘Netsuke’ – Berebi’s collection of knobs and pulls have a very practical usage around the home, ensuring you will appreciate their beauty time and time again. Pictured here are elegant examples that also show a sense of fun. The Frog knob, for example, is available in burnished silver or museum gold, and is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and green peridot eyes! Starting at USD $44, architectural hardware from Edgar Berebi is truly covetable.
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Edgar Berebi architectural hardware - elegant samples of knobs and pulls
Edgar Berebi luxury architectural hardware - knob encrusted in crystals


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