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Lawrence Architects Combines Steel, Glass and Concrete to Make Modern Home Magic

West Seattle Residence – by Lawrence Architects – combines steel, glass and concrete in a mix that’s modern magic. What a house! The home is built on a steep slope near the Pacific with three stories of wide vistas, expansive heights and modern design. Luxurious airy living space of 3,800 square feet opens up to views that seem to roll off the ends of the earth. It’s difficult in a house like this to decide which is the star – the view or the architectural masterpiece.
This home shows one face to the street, and quite another to the ocean side. The entrance, garage and service doors are all via the concrete wall with the main house facing the ocean views.

At 24-ft high, the wall is an effective block from the rest of the world. And provides a non-competing visual for that fantastic glass, steel and concrete home.
On the street side of the wall, the exterior entrance gives only the tiniest of clues to what lies beyond the doors. The 925-sf garage provides additional living space on its second floor.
An interesting choice of exterior doors – a metal pivoting design that securely locks the interior and matches the overall metallic exterior.
The garage is a separate building from the main house, connected via a walkway. The arcing roof seems to spring over the house from the rear privacy wall. Both the main house and the garage/loft apartment have the same design roof.
The interior is all steel and concrete. The house is made from an exposed structural steel frame with a curtain wall system enclosing the main double-height living area. Its cavernous – and industrial modern.
A floating steel staircase leads to the master bedroom.
Even the top landing platform is a floating design. Amazing, really.
The master bedroom loft and bath are above the kitchen. Douglas Fir decking lines the ceiling and gives great warmth to the massive space.
It’s all about the windows. Large wall sections measuring 8 feet by 16 feet pivot to bring in fresh air and ventilation. No air conditioning required with breezes fresh from the Pacific.
Just look at the size of these pivoting glass walls. They open up to a magnificent ocean view and sunsets.
The concrete outdoor fireplace (with stainless steel chimney) is the other half of the cinder block living room fireplace. This light-filled glass and steel masterpiece looks westward to the Puget Sound sunset. It really doesn’t get much better than this, does it?
Home sweet home, in the Pacific Northwest.
Lawrence Architects


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