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Silicone Lighting – washable lamps by Arturo Alvarez

Silicone Lighting by Arturo Alvarez is washable
Using a special material developed specially for this project, Arturo Alvarez introduces Kala and Tati silicone lighting fixtures. This special substance is simply made of mesh combined with silicone, which becomes a very malleable (and washable!) material that allows for an endless possibility of shapes and forms. The Kala lamps design brings to mind sand waves on dunes, while Tati reminds us of the symmetry and patterns found in nature, specifically in shells and sea rocks. These neutral and contemporary lighting fixtures make me want to have a seaside vacation home. I am imagining enjoying the warm and inviting light they create, while watching the spray of crashing waves dancing in the windy sea breeze. Visit Arturo Alvarez for more inspiration.



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